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These are the photos of the 1999 Hydroponic Garden up to August.  San Antonio experienced cooler than normal temperatures (highs only in the low 90s!) right up until the end of July maiking it ideal growing weather.  This garden was built using twine trellis wires held up by 2 by 2 wooden frames.  I grew tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, and pole beans in this garden.

wpe9.jpg (30418 bytes) wpe6.jpg (14577 bytes)
The photo above shows beans on the left and tomatoes in the middle. The photo above show the pepper plants on the left, tomatoes in the middel and beans on the right.  The purple totelocker in the far bottm left of the photo is buried in the ground and serves as the nutirnt tank.  The beige trash can contains water that is fed to the nutient tank through a float valve.
wpe7.jpg (16375 bytes) wpe3.jpg (12985 bytes) wpe5.jpg (16192 bytes)
Yellow gold peppers growing in rockwool slabs.
wpe8.jpg (26652 bytes) As you can see, the beans got way out of control.  The tallest plant reached 12 feet high.   I had to use a ladder to pick them. 

The photo below shows the incredible mass of roots that developed during the planting season.

BEANRT2.jpg (33596 bytes)